About us


Om Sai Construction offers a comprehensive design service, creating beautifully crafted interiors and exteriors for our esteemed mix of clients. We’ve been committed to delivering exceptional spaces that give individuals a sense of belonging and comfort. We undertake civil, interior, commercial, corporate and other construction related work.

Our expertise includes providing high quality real estate construction and renovation services with a highly skilled team of architects, interior designers, project managers, supervisors, skilled workers, contractors and traders that ensure timely delivery of the project. We are a well-known name in the business and have delivered some unique looking spaces across many metropolitan cities. We have expert knowledge of the architectural business and have made a mark in the industry within a short period of time.
We will lead your project from both a planning and creative viewpoint, supported by our strong team of talented individuals. Our teams attention to detail and thorough care result in bespoke interiors and exteriors that often exceed our clients expectations. Each of our project is seamlessly executed and beautifully finished on time and within the assigned budget, no matter how large of small.
Om Sai Construction is a contemporary architecture and interior design firm based out of Mumbai, specializing in modern residential, commercial and corporate projects.
Since its inception in 2010, Om Sai Construction has served a nationwide clientele with a celebrated eye for detail and dynamic use of material. Our designs consistently stimulate both the intellect and the senses. They embody style and sophistication while offering a highly crafted sense of place.At Om Sai Construction, our mission is to create successful and impressive residential, commercial and corporate spaces through our sense of detail, a clear understanding of our clients imagination and an accurate awareness of timescale and budget. The result is infrastructure that is not only a treat to the eyes, but of a quality that will sustain throughout the years.Om Sai Construction is a full-service residential and commercial firm with extensive experience in all aspects of interior design from construction management and renovations to overseeing every detail of decorating the interiors and exteriors of a space.

Understand your needs

We offer world-class design solutions that focus on aesthetic appearance while delivering functionality and efficiency. Working as partners with our clients, we strive to personify their vision through our designs.

Measure pre-existing conditions:

During this early stage, we create precise drawings of existing infrastructure. Through AutoCAD, we can create floor plans, ceiling reflective plans, electrical, plumbing, interior elevations, cross sections, details, and building exterior. These measurements are crucial to understand the project space, plan the budget and jot down a construction plan.

Create a budget:

At Om Sai Construction, we strive to deliver the most competitive rates in the market. We ensure that best quality is delivered at the best price.

Initiate the design blueprint:

Our designers will develop various layouts for space panning, account for architectural changes, and evaluate furniture options.

Use Quality Products:

We use the best quality products for any projects we take over but our clients can choose to furnish their spaces with products provided at our online store exclusively.

Execution with Teamwork:

Our team is here to listen to your needs, walk through your project, and determine how our services will be of utmost help. Give us a call and let us guide you through the construction process with ease.

Project Incharge:

We oversee construction from inception to completion. Our supervisors make sure the design is executed properly and minimize any risks that could jeopardize your vision.

Project Delivery:

We have been known for our Delivery of Projects both on Time as well as at the right budgets and that has reflected in the Trust shown by Our Clients.

At, Om Sai Construction we see each and every client as distinct individual with an idea that needs our vision and expertise to actually come to life. Thus, we understand that working together is a valuable experience.
We listen to our client's needs and understand their lifestyle to engage and form a fruitful partnership that helps both the parties get to their goal of creating and acquiring a space that spells beauty, class and comfort. We go out of our way to satisfy our client’s needs.